More embroideries today. I am a proud member of the Flickr Embroidery Group. They've started a blog. My crafting lately is split between feltcraft and straight out embroidery. The two do cross for me, though because I like to handstitch my felties.

Here's a happy spring embroidery pouch that I made. Its from this glorious book.

Sublime Stitching also has terrific patterns that are really fun and new. I got in on their Tea Towel Tour. 10 of us on Craftster are helping Sublime Stitching's Jenny Hart evaluate tea towels so she can decide what to sell from her shop. I was the first on the tour, and I stitched this rocket. The towel is on it's merry way to the 5th embroiderer. I thought the quality of the towel was excellent. I'm crossing my fingers that it is also cheap.

I do like monkeys and these are t-shirts I embroidered for my daughter and my niece. These patterns are also from Sublime Stitching. It is tricky to embroider on t-shirts. I find that using the chain stitch is best. I don't have much trouble maintaining consistent tension in my stitches so I don't use foundation, but other people swear by it.,

These were tea-towels I did for a friend who was having a big birthday party. He's an energetic Chicago sports superfan, so that's where I got the pattern ideas. For these, I just scoured the web for simple images and traced them with pencil onto the tea-towels. The towels are classic flour sack towels, but I was pretty cheap and the hems were already coming undone with my prewashing, so I used bias binding to enclose the fraying hem. I don't know how the bias binding affected the durability and absorbancy of the towels though... I'll have to make some for myself and test drive them for awhile.

And the Stitchettes. Hillary Lang designed these, and I absolutely adore them. She's released 4 for each season. These are last summer's. Currently she's designing the spring stitchettes. I plan to make all 16 stitchettes and make them into a quilt...I do have so many crafty plans. You can get your Stitchette embroidery transfers here.