Stop whining and try try again

A few posts ago I was kvetching about variegated yarn that pools instead of stripes. I've just learned the painful lesson that it's probably not the yarn's fault.

I was showing a heavily pooled sock to another knitter at this month's Knitting Guild meeting.

Here's one side, where all the reds and blues decided to party:

There's the other side, where the wallflower browns were hiding:

She asked:
"Are you knitting those for your husband?"
"Umm, no, they're for me"
"Is there a reason why they're so freakishly wide?"
"Er, no"
"You know, if you cut down the number stitches, the yarn probably wouldn't pool that way"
" Uhhh, yah"

That's what you get for following a generic sock "recipe" while completely disregarding yarn thickness and without swatching (What? swatching for socks? Don't be silly. I've knit dozens of socks! I'm waaay beyond swatching for socks. Swatching is for amateurs!)

Pride cometh before the fall.

Of course, I'd already finished the first sock, and was 3/4 of the way through the second so I really didn't want to rip them out.

But you know, sometimes the yarn deserves better. Especially this yarn. Koigu. I'm apparently not worthy.

Look at the difference FOUR stitches make. Now it's all heathery and delicate. I'm in love.

Why I kept on knitting after the suckfest of the first sock is beyond me.