A little bit of green on a very white day

Snow has been delicately falling all day, adding more fluffy padding to the ground. I'm so happy that winter has finally come. Although I have an extremely low tolerance for cold, I could not live without winter. (My mother always wondered if I had ice water running in my veins. Seriously, I wear a hat INSIDE the house!)

Why I love the four seasons (a crazy Canadian's manifesto):
First and most importantly, fluctuating temperatures mean that I have highly variable fiber needs. For instance, cold winters gives me a reason to re-mortgage my house in order to buy more wool. It justifies me having 14 scarves, 8 hats, 6 pairs of mittens, too many hand-knit socks to count and even 1 pair of leg-warmers! Summers give me a reason to remember why I HATE knitting with cotton (cotton blends are ok as long as they don't have stinky silk in them).

Secondly, I love living in a place that offers an ever-evolving landscape. My daily habits and interests are really impacted by the time of year. I find myself listening to different music, eating different foods, even reading different books based on the season.

Third, I don't have a choice, I'm Canadian, it's part of my DNA. I, like all northerners, think that living in minus 40 is character-building. Putting up with crazy weather makes me tough and down-to-earth. And get this, no one is forcing me to live through this, I CHOOSE to live here, so clearly, I'm bananas.

Fourth, I always have something to look forward to. Up until recently, I was wishing for snow. Soon I'll be dreaming of green...

Here's a little green cardigan that I knit several years ago. It hasn't seen much action because I never finished it properly. At the time I knit it, I was still struggling with @!&^@ button bands. I tried to convince myself that it looked good without a band but who was I kidding? I knew better and the sweater sat abandoned in my closet. Last week, I decided to give it another go. This time, the band worked and now the sweater is ready to come out and play.

Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad DK tweed (LOVE this yarn, though it does pill a bit)
Pattern: Fern by Kim Hargreaves, Rowan 24