Hmm... what have I gotten myself into?

Deep breath... guess I'm a blogger now.
Having gotten so much enjoyment out of other people's blogs, I decided to jump in too. I don't know if it'll please anyone else, but I might have a little fun, so why not?

In these pages you'll mainly come across lots of knitting, but I might post about other things too: movies, books, artists, recipes... anything that tickles my fancy. I intend to post briefly but often, and I'll try my best to take nice pictures... Wish me luck!

Now, on to the knitting:

Mon petit chou (husband) and I just took a fab trip to New York City. We had a great time haunting museums, art galleries, book stores, eateries, and of course, there was a lot of yarn shopping. I'm blessed with a partner that always carries a book with him and doesn't mind plopping himself down among heaps of fiber while I try not to loose my mind, as illustrated by this photo of me frantically snatching up the goods in the wonderful Brooklyn General Store:

I made many stops along my yarn pilgrimage, but I must say that my favourite was the exquisite and diminutive Purl in Soho (sigh...) How can such a small store hold so many juicy colors and lush fibres? I guess good things do come in small packages.

Needless to say my suitcases were bursting with new loot. As a result, I'm going to have to be a VERY good girl when it comes to spending in the next couple of months. So I won't show you all the spoils in one post. I need to make this treat laaaast....

Here's one delish thing I bought:

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay in a lovely color (#28) that totally changes hue in different light.
Sometimes it's very pink (like in this picture), but other times it looks like a faded orangey-brown.

Project: A simple basket-weave scarf, no "real" pattern
K3, P3 for 4 rows and switch.
27 stitches, plus 2 for edging, 29 total.
Knit on 5mm needles.

I think it's pretty so far. I decided to twist all the stitches, to add definition. Sure, it's a pain in the arse and takes twice as long, but I really think it makes the weave pop. Plus, it lengthens my enjoyment of this soft, cushy yarn.

Well, so much for being brief. I'll have lots more to say about NYC in the next little while...